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Marstrand Adjustable Bed


Marstrand is a premium adjustable bed with a timeless design.

You can lower or raise the head and foot rests to meet your needs. Marstrand’s built-in lumbar support provides additional comfort at times when you would like to sit up and read or enjoy your morning coffee in bed. The bed’s many features can all be controlled with the accompanying hand-held remote. The remote even allows you to save your favourite positions, so you can easily recreate your preferred settings with just the press of a button, night after night. Marstrand features anti-pinch protection to secure your safety. Turning on the built-in LED lighting under the bed provides a gentle guiding light in the dark.

Patented solutions for Carpe Diem Beds

Just like all Carpe Diem Beds, Marstrand is designed to give you an ergonomic, relaxing night’s sleep that leaves you revitalised the next morning. Carpe Diem Beds has developed a unique spring system and a viscoelastic bottom segment for maximum pressure relief and sleep comfort.

Carpe Diem Beds’ Contour Pocket System

Our Contour Pocket System is a patented spring system placed just below the surface of your bed. In the Contour Pocket System, the padding materials usually placed on top of the spring system are integrated in each individual spring instead. This unique spring system ensures each spring adjusts to the shape of your body, resulting in a sleeping experience tailored just to you. This allows your muscles to unwind, leaving you to gently fall asleep in a supremely relaxed position.

Visco Elastic Bottom Layer – a viscoelastic bottom segment

In cooperation with the Spinal Unit at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg as well as with massage therapists, Carpe Diem Beds has developed a patented viscoelastic bottom segment: the Visco Elastic Bottom Layer. This unique bottom segment, located in the lower layers of your bed, ensures the most burdened springs relax instead of pushing back against your body. Our Visco Elastic Bottom Layer reduces the pressure on your body and stimulates blood circulation. This allows you to sleep undisturbed for longer stretches of time during the night, leaving you free to sink into the coveted phase of deep sleep.

Design your own Marstrand adjustable bed

Marstrand comes in multiple sizes: single bed, double bed and king-size bed. Choose between a soft, medium or firm mattress and complement it with a mattress topper for additional comfort. For our double beds and king-size beds, we offer toppers with a so-called ‘split’; a dividing seam at the head of the bed that allows both mattresses to be adjusted separately. Frame Marstrand with one of Carpe Diem Beds’ elegant headboards and elevate your bed by adding a set of legs from our extensive range. You can tailor Marstrand to your needs, picking a fabric and colour to match your interior design preferences. When you purchase a bed, you can select any one of the 16 complimentary fabrics that are part of our Classic Collection. Should you wish, you can also pick one of the 20 different fabrics in our Exclusive Collection, at an additional cost. The fabrics in Carpe Diem Beds’ Classic Collection are all Nordic Eco labelled.

Handmade in Sweden

Marstrand is made by hand in Carpe Diem Beds’ factory in Sweden. Carpe Diem Beds offers a 25-year warranty for faulty frames and/or pocket-spring breaks, and a 5-year warranty on the motorised parts of our beds.

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