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Blossom Sofa 3-seater Moss


Japandi now, a classic design later! Sofa Blossom is bound to survive many trends to come.

Blossom is the perfect Japandi sofa. This pretty low sitter stands on a futon-like base which is slightly larger than the seat. We gave the seat a contemporary vibe with natural colours and a heavy fabric. The beauty of Blossom is that she’ll survive many trends to come with ease. That’s due to those clear lines and honest materials.

Sofa Blossom is available several sizes to accommodate your need for seats.

It’s the base who steals the show in sofa Blossom. It is made of solid oak which we stained in a walnut colour.

The pretty fabric has an irregular stripe pattern, hinting to Japanese bamboo mats.

Width 230 cm
Depth 101 cm
Height 80 cm
Arm height 69 cm
Seat height 45 cm
Seat depth 68 cm

1 in stock (can be backordered)