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Patio Storage Table


SACKit Patio Storage Table is the ultimate side- and sofa table with built-in storage. The table is a module in the SACKit Lounge series, so it fits perfectly into any setup of your SACKit sofa. The possible ways to combine SACKit Storage Table and SACKit Lounge Sofa are only limited by your imagination.

Side table – between two Lounge Sofa modules
Side table – on the side of a Lounge Sofa layout
Sofa table
Waterproof storage

The possible uses for SACKit Patio Storage Table is only limited by your imagination. The table is designed to easily click onto and off our Lounge Sofa modules. This means that you can easily create the sofa with a side- or sofa table that fits perfectly in your garden. Below, we’re giving you a couple of our suggestions for how to use SACKit Patio Storage Table.
This layout is an inventive way to set up a lounge are. By placing the SAC
Kit Patio Storage Table between two sofa modules, you’re creating a side table that can be used by two people at once. This layout is especially great if you want to enjoy some snacks and a cup of coffee over a nice chat.

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