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Silk Sleep Mask Black


Shut out the light with our luxurious silk sleep mask, for women and men. The sleep mask is made of exclusive, ultra-high-quality 16-momme mulberry silk. Available in black and light gold.

Shut out the light and drift to sleep with ease in our silk sleep mask. It’s perfect for light northern nights, air travel, or the chance to indulge at last in a relaxing afternoon nap on the couch. Mulberry silk is cool, naturally moisture-absorbent, and a pure pleasure to rest your eyes beneath. Wake up feeling refreshed and bright-eyed – ready to take on the day!

Mulberry silk – the finest silk in the world

We have chosen to make our silk products in 100 percent 16-momme mulberry silk. Mulberry silk is the finest silk in the world and a 16-momme weight produces fabric in an exquisite quality. This silk has an unbelievably soft and luxurious feel against your skin. The material naturally regulates temperature and absorbs moisture. That means our silk sleep mask will keep you dry and pleasantly warm or cool, no matter the season.

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