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Rosendahl Grand Cru Water Carafe Smoke


Water carafe in noble groove design

The Grand Cru Smoke by Rosendahl is an example of functional glass design in modern designed everyday life.
The water carafe and glasses are ideal for serving icy, refreshing water.

Made of high quality mouth blown glass, the carafe is particularly light and elegant. The surface is adorned with repeating grooves. These create a refined visual play when the carafe meets a beautiful incidence of light. The carafe has a patinated steel band that gives it an additional touch and forms an aesthetic interruption in the design of the grooves between the body and lid.

The hand-blown glasses are a perfect complement to the carafe. The minimalist grooves are a modern and stylish evolution of the iconic carafe and can also be used as a stand alone focal point with other carafes. They can be found in many homes around the world.

The glass carafe and glasses can be washed in the dishwasher, at a temperature of up to 55 degrees and retain their shine and classy look.

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