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Acorn-fed 100% Ibérico Salchichón 80gr


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Iberian Bellota Salchichón

The origin of Iberian salchichón is Greek and Roman. It is a cured sausage that is seasoned with a mixture of natural spices such as coriander, cloves, nutmeg or pepper and salt, which give it an intense and very characteristic flavour and aroma.

To make this Iberian sausage, lean meat from Iberian pigs and a little bacon are used. The minced mass is left to marinate for a day and then stuffed into a natural pig casing. After that, the sausages are hung to cure them, and can be smoked or left in the air for a few days.

The process of making the pieces of salchichón is artisanal, so each piece will be different, but always sweet, consistent and very tasty.

This sausage is very versatile, it has a strong traditional character and at Extrem Puro Extremadura they make it with great care and attention. It is a very nutritious piece, as well as being leaner and less salty than other sausages.

Now you know what Iberian salchichón is, but do you know how to enjoy it to the fullest? We will tell you right now.

Iberian salchichón pairs perfectly with vermouth, manzanilla, palo cortado, dry white wine with wood or a good toasted beer.