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Acorn-fed Chorizo 100% Iberian 80gr


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Iberian chorizo ​​is a sausage made from Iberian pork cured through a drying process, very similar to that of other known sausages.

Chorizo ​​is a food native to Spain and its shape is rounded and elongated because it is stuffed into a natural pig casing. Paprika is one of its most important ingredients and is what gives it that characteristic red color.

Iberian acorn-fed chorizo ​​is different from other varieties of chorizo ​​in that Iberian acorn-fed chorizo ​​is made from meat from 100% Iberian breed pigs, without crossbreeds, and that have enjoyed a montanera.

Now you know what Iberian acorn-fed chorizo ​​is, but do you know how to enjoy it to the fullest?

A very good option is to accompany your piece of Iberian chorizo ​​with other Iberian sausages. A piece of Manchego cheese, a little bread and tomato, some slices of pork loin and a good Extrem Puro Extremadura acorn-fed Iberian ham combine perfectly with chorizo.

It pairs very well with a Dehesa de Luna wine, cava or beer, making us enjoy an unrivalled experience.

Eating chorizo ​​is a pleasure, and there are a great number of different recipes to enjoy it, you just have to know how to consume it and enjoy it in the company of friends, family or alone.