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Claramunt Picual Olive Oil 500ml


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Excellence has an olive oil name

We present our collection of oils, made with the highest quality to offer a signature oil to the most select palates. It is an exclusive oil, whose annual result will always depend on the environmental conditions provided by each harvest and on the technical knowledge of the Claramunt team, which will ensure that each year the extra virgin oil is of the highest quality and unrepeatable.

Claramunt Extra Virgin is an extra virgin olive oil, the result of many years of experience and passion for the world of olive groves, a long family tradition combined with the technical and innovative knowledge that incorporates the latest trends and advances in the olive sector. All this, determined that the family Claramunt decided to bet on an exclusive and quality product; result of a deep knowledge in the matter and of the love for the EVOO and our land, Baeza, where our dream was born, where our trees are raised, where our fruit develops, where it prepares to be transformed into Extra Virgin, where history compels us to respect our environment, to pamper and care for our feelings; water, cold, stone, mist make Baeza and its region an ideal place to create our oil.

Morning mist, volume and snow for a traditional Andalusian variety par excellence that connect Jaen and Cordoba to give the world a unique product as full of life and joy as our PICUAL oil is

The Andalusian orchard with hints of tomato is present in its flavour, along with a spicy attribute, much more accentuated than the bitter, but nevertheless so delicate and subtle that it seems to withdraw from the palate in courteous reverence.

This oil creates a harmonious combination with fruits, salads, grilled vegetables, white cheeses or potatoes at low temperature; not forgetting the potato omelette. It also offers a perfect pairing with fish such as salmon, tuna, anchovies; which makes it the perfect companion for the tartar of these seafood or others such as sea bass or for tosses and ceviches. Mayonnaise. Chocolate.