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Hand-carved Acorn-fed 100% Ibérico Ham 80 gr


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Extrem Puro Extremadura hams are characterised and distinguished by a series of parameters that directly influence all our senses.

The appearance: bright, intense red colour, pearly and creamy fat. Light streaks of fat infiltrated in the lean meat.

The touch: silky, soft and light in contact with the fat.

The smell: sweet and penetrating, it treasures the virginal nuances of oleic.

The taste: explosion of flavours, velvet in the mouth, infinite aftertaste.

Master carvers delicately and passionately cut the pure acorn-fed Iberian ham by hand so that it maintains its goodness and flavour at its maximum expression. Extrem Puro Extremadura Iberian hams remain for more than 36 months in our natural cellars, obtaining the world jewel of Spanish gastronomy.