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Joelle Tea Towel Bark


The tea towel is an essential part of the kitchen decorations. Our Joelle series consists of Nordic-inspired teatowels in a waffle knit. The textile is made of 100% cotton and has high absorbency – it will make the boring dishwashing a bit faster.

A thorough enzyme wash makes the tea towel soft and nice to touch. Besides the details waffle knit, the lower parts of the tea towel are embroidered with a Lene Bjerre logo. The characteristics of the Joelle tea towel is the decorated strap. The strap is attached to the waffle knit with metal knitters, that do not rust when washed. You, therefore, get both a decorative and functional tea towel for your home.

Hang up the Joelle tea towel in your kitchen and see how the color nuances create a unique mood – a mood of tranquility and elegance.

Note: A tea towel typically shrinks in size by 15% when it is washed and dried. After washing and tumble drying, you can simply stretch the fine Joelle tea towels out to their original size again.


Product: tea towel
Color: bark
Size: W50 H D
Material: 100% cotton
Weight: 0.1 kg

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