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Laundry Tonic Lavender


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Laundry Tonic Lavendel Patchouli 30 ml

Simple Goods Laundry Tonic is produced with 100 % natural and organic essential oil.The Tonic is a great way for you to add a subtle scent to your clothes when washingor drying your clothes.

We carefully select our organic essential oils based on their unique scent andpositive effect on your health, spirit and emotional well-being. Enjoy the calming andantibacterial effect of lavender and geranium combined with the invigorating andredeeming effect of patchouli.

Direction of use: If you are allergic to perfumes, we do not recommend using essential oils.Can be used in both your washer and dryer.

Washer: Add 3-5 sprays into the drawer for fabric softener or on a small cloth.

Dryer: Spray 4-6 times on your Simple Goods Dryer Balls or on a cloth and leave withyour clothes in the dryer.