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Raw Linen Kitchen Towel Dark Grey


Linen is an amazing natural material with some extremely durable and long-lasting fibers and many excellent qualities. Our linen textiles are made of 100% pure linen and are therefore of a very high quality. Pure linen has an extraordinary ability to absorb moisture and dries much faster than most other textiles. Moreover, linen has a desirable ability to keep its shape. When treated properly, our linen textiles are almost impossible to wear out.

Let your new linen textiles soak for about 24 hours before the first wash. Coloured linen should be soaked in cold water, while naturally coloured linen should be soaked in warm water. Wash linen at 60° C and always choose a gentle cycle with a short and gentle spin, and make sure to use a washing powder or liquid without chlorine or optical brightener. Never put linen in the dryer, but smooth and stretch it after each wash and hang it to dry – avoid strong sunlight.

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