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Elephant Reworked Anniversary Mini


In 2023, Kay Bojesen’s iconic and beloved Elephant celebrates its 70th anniversary. We are celebrating the occasion with a Reworked Elephant – a special edition created from a wonderful mix of different wood types, such as teak, walnut, oak, ash and maple – all from surplus and residual wood. With a focus on upcycling and minimising resource waste, the Reworked Elephant has a new, modern and sustainable dimension, so that it not only acknowledges the past but also the future. With respect for the environment, the Reworked Elephant is made from residual wood, which means each Elephant will therefore look different depending on which types of wood are left over on the day they are produced. In other words, we cannot guarantee which types of wood each of the Reworked Elephants are made of. But we can guarantee that every single Elephant is even more unique than the original classic, if that’s possible. The Mini Reworked Elephant measures 9 cm in height, has a 70th anniversary stamp under one foot and comes in a special, wooden anniversary box.

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